Kiana, Terry, Tesia, Sally, Nicole UCLA 2018 Graduation Portraits

If you're a senior in college and March or April comes around, I bet you get a little bit nervous or maybe a bit excited. You start reflecting back at the past 4 years of your college life and wonder where has the time gone? It's that time of year when all the seniors in college start preparing for their next chapter in life. Whether that be going to grad school or entering the workforce full time or like me when you spend the next 9 months after graduation, looking for a job. It's an exciting time in a person's life and it all starts with graduating college! This year I got to do a shoot with 5 graduating UCLA seniors: Kiana, Terry, Nicole, Sally, and Tesia.


Graduation shoots are always fun because it's a way to celebrate all the achievements and hard work that a person put in during their time in college. It's a memorable time in their lives as they learn more about themselves and create friendships that last a lifetime.

From left to right: Nicole, Terry, Sally, Kiana, and Tesia

From left to right: Nicole, Terry, Sally, Kiana, and Tesia


A graduation shoot isn't complete without some alchy!

The Crew 4.jpg

Graduation shoots like this brought back all the fun times that I had back in college. I really do miss the social environment of college and there's times now that I wish I could relive it all again! Overall, this was such a fun shoot and I really enjoyed working with all of them. If anyone is interested in a grad sho that contact button on the top right of this page and fill out the information. Congratulations to the Class of 2018!!!