Bethanie & Netania Chapman University 2019 Graduation Portraits | Orange, CA

Back in January of this year, I got a Facebook message from my friend Bethanie who I haven’t talked to ever since I graduated college. It was an inquiry for a graduation session for her and her sister Netania since they will be graduating Chapman University in May. I didn’t know Bethanie was pursuing her masters at Chapman until she mentioned it to me! I first met Bethanie at UCR where we were both part of AACF (Asian American Christian Fellowship). Then post-grad happened and we’ve been living vicariously through each other’s Instagram Stories haha. Netania is getting her Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science with a minor in Psychology while Bethanie is getting her Master of Science degree in Health and Strategic Communication. Congratulations to both Bethanie and Netania!

Before our session began, I wanted to test the lighting so I took a single shot on my camera. I heard a second delay shutter and I thought to myself “this can’t be good”. I looked through the viewfinder and find that I can’t see anything through the lens. It was pitch black! I remove the lens from my camera body and find that the mirror is not in the right place. It is completely upwards when it is supposed to be down in a diagonal position. I try to put it down back to it’s original place, but it won’t stay in place and goes upwards. The mirror won’t stay down! Panicking, I call my friend Daniel who’s also a photographer to see what I should do in this situation. After trying a few things, Daniel suggested to hold the shutter button on my camera. When I did, I heard the normal shutter sound. I check to see if it is now working properly and it worked! My camera was back to it’s normal condition. At that moment I experienced a photographer’s worse nightmare. I hope none of you photographers have to go through that situation. But I’m so happy that it all worked out in the end. Even though our shoot was delayed by 30 minutes, we made up for it in the end.

Can I just say how spot on Netania’s facial expression is to Pikachu?! Also that is one of the best and creative graduation caps that I’ve seen.


After our photoshoot, we went to go eat kbbq and I got to catch up with Bethanie since I haven’t seen her in 3 years! As you can imagine there was a lot of catching up as well as a lot of reminiscing of our UCR days. I just want to thank Bethanie and Netania for choosing me as their photographer for this special occasion. I am still doing graduation sessions for the month of May and June. If you want to book a graduation portrait session with me, please click here.

Kollaboration Empower Conference 2019

About 2 weeks ago, I had the honor of being one of the photographers for the Empower 2019 conference created by Kollaboration. The goal of the conference is to inspire the next generation of Asian Americans in their creative career path or industry. Aspiring Asian Americans from all different ages and backgrounds gathered together at the Japanese American National Museum to hear from professionals across various industries such as art, digital media, entertainment, and business. This 2 day conference included workshops led by industry experts, small group mentorship programs, panelist sessions, and the chance to network with other attendees. While I was photographing the event, I also had the chance to sit in and listen to some of the speakers who spoke at the large group sessions. After attending the conference, I came back feeling rejuvenated and inspired more than ever. I highly recommend you guys to attend the Empower Conference next year if you’re ever in the Los Angeles area!

Behind the Scenes of Looking for the Good M/V by Miki Wong

Ever since I joined Asian Creative Network (ACN) back in December, I’ve been blessed with so many opportunities. I had the chance to collaborate with so many models, photographers, and musicians, as well as landing a paid partnership with a company that I’m deeply passionate about (it’s a secret for now, but more on that soon!). Fast forward to the middle of January, my friend Miki (who I met through ACN) invited me out to take some behind the scene photos for her first music video of her brand new song “Looking for the Good”. I was ecstatic when she invited me, because I’ve always wanted to shoot some behind the scenes photos for a music video, but the opportunity never came…. until now.

I just want to say thank you to Miki for inviting me out to take behind the scenes photos of her first music video! It was so much fun meeting and working with everyone on set.


A DO Yu Production & Ukkei Entertainment Production

Produced by Megan Siu Lau and Miki Wong
Directed by Josiah Yu

Miki's Dad: Norris Lowe
Miki's Mom: Juliette Lin
Random Attacker: Michelangelo Nguyen
Señor Woof Woof: Justin Sor
Madam Nyan Nyan: Megan Lau
Dancers: Noelle Funtanilla, Gregory Yuan, Jophiel Raguro


Director of Photography: Ryan Hoang
Assistant Director: Megan Lau
Camera Operator: David Woo 
1st AC: Chris Blum
Editor/Animator: Sarah Leeper
Set PA: Li-Wei Chu and Justin Sor
Gaffer: Megan Lau
Key Grip: Amy Hoang
Choreographer: Noelle Funtanilla
Hair and Makeup: Joanne Kim and Jessica Yun
Location Manager: Michelangelo Nguyen
Art Department: Amanda Thai

Song Credits:
Written by Miki Wong, Brite Ma, and Des Flores
Produced by Glenn Clancy