Shinri & Marc's Engagement Session | Pasadena City Hall

Back in 2014, my friends and I used to go to Round One on the weekends, and it was there that I was introduced to Shinri through a mutual friend. After graduating from college, I became so busy with work and photography that I hadn't seen her or our mutual friends ever since. Fast forward to a few months ago, she messaged me to ask if I could take her engagement photos! Without hesitation, I said "yes", and we started planning the engagement photoshoot session.

Shinri and Marc (her fiancee) are the founders of LOWKEY!Geeks, a lifestyle brand based out of Los Angeles that combines a love for anime, streetwear, cars, and comics. LOWKEY!Geeks started in 2015 when Shinri and Marc both realized that there was a lack of passion or community for geeky streetwear and fashion. People only seemed to buy clothes just for the recognition and the hype. They wanted to change that perception so rather than conforming to the hottest trends, they aimed to inspire people to “Do What You Love”, which is their slogan.

Since Shinri and Marc are both in the anime lifestyle culture, I thought it would be fitting to insert ドン!inspired by Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

When I heard that they only get 3 or 4 hours of sleep each night, I was shocked! That goes to show how much Shinri and Marc put their hearts and souls into their business. What amazed me was that they have been putting out a new release every week for 2 years without any breaks. They told me about how other brands in the same industry tried to copy what they do, but these brands ended up stopping within 4 weeks because they couldn't handle it.

I’ve never met such motivated and hardworking people like Shinri and Marc. Not only do they have a strong passion for each other, I can definitely tell that they truly stand for what they believe in with their business.

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