Photography is the art of stopping time and cherishing a moment in God’s creation.
— Ansel Adams

Makito Umekita

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California with a knack for adventure. Ambitious, motivated, and determined are three qualities that define him as a person. Constantly inspired by those around him, he strives to master his craft each and every day. A deep passion for the outdoors and capturing the beauty around him are what makes up his lifestyle. Combining both portrait and adventure type photography, along with his unique editing style are what sets him apart from the crowd.

My approach with photography

Through my photos I want to be able to express emotions and to tell a story so that the viewer can go back one day and say “I vividly remember that day when this photo was taken.” My goal is to capture the real and raw emotions of the subject in a variety of different ways whether it is through the laughing candid moments of joy or the deep, intimate moments. My promise to you is that I will do my best to capture these special ocassions with my camera and to create wonderful memories along the way. If this is something that fits what you were looking for, I would love to set something up! He is currently available for commercial hire and all destinations are open for travel.

Select Clients